Name: Usui Takumi 「碓氷拓海」
Title Series:Kaichō wa Maid-sama!
Voiced by:Okamoto Nobuhiko

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Who is the mysterious man sitting in the counter at the back, eyeing on the woman whose part-time job contrasts her position in school?

Born with beauty and brains, Usui Takumi chose a more laid-back lifestyle, pursuing a life of aimless adventure rather than a diligent student. If he wanted to, he could easily be student council president, as he has all the criteria needed for it; however, Takumi prefers not to warrant too much attention, but to sit back and watch everything unfold. After all, it is a lot more fun to tease someone and pull his or her strings than to hold multiple burdens on one’s shoulders.

Despite acting like a loose cannon, Takumi is very loyal and keeps his words. If he said that he will not tell anyone his or her secret, he will not unless given permission to. Even when things seem to go a bit too far, Takumi knows when to pull back and control the situation to a comfortable and relaxed place. Above all else, Takumi is reliable. If he sees someone in trouble, he will do whatever it takes to help him or her out of his or her predicament. He wants to make sure all ends well.

Maybe Takumi has a more student council-like mentality that others may not have realized, but he will never tell anyone about it. After all, it is a secret.

Past Notable Matches