Name: Tomori Nao
Title Series:Charlotte
Voiced by:

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé
2015: Baidu Nova Moe - Quarterfinalist
2015: Bilibili Moe - Round of 16
2016: AnimeGirl Saimoe Tournament - Round of 32
2016: Baidu Harem Moe - Round of 16
2016: Best Girl Contest - Round of 128
2016: Hongkong Golden Saimoe - Round of 48
2016: Senpuu Saimoe Tournament - Round of 96
2016: The Great Awwnime Bracket - Round of 32

Is having a superpower a gift? Or could it be a strange disease?

Nao probably thought the former before she realized how scary adults could be when faced with phenomenon they do not understand. By taking the role of Student Council President of her academy, she decided to take part in the mission to protect the power-wielding teenagers by making them enroll in the school. Her weapons? The video camera she takes everywhere, the strange – but sometimes useful – powers of the members of the Student Council, and her own supernatural power: making herself invisible to one person.

Even though Nao tries her best to help as many people as she can, she has a strong personality and is not the type to sugar-coat her words. She is also generally short-tempered and may even be violent if she believes it is the right thing to do. However, she is very mature for her age, takes her student council duties very seriously, and would probably continue even if the world crumbles around her. Under what may look as a shell she built to protect her, one may also discover a girl who likes the simple pleasures of life: eating good meat, using a mission as an excuse to play around with her friends...

Nao may not show it, but she cares deeply for her friends. As the sun sets once more, she does not realize the role she will have to play in the events to come, but her leader soul is ready to take on any hardships

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