Name: Takasu Ryūji 「高須 竜児」
Title Series:Toradora!
Voiced by:Majima Junji

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

They say appearances can be deceiving. Takasu Ryūji knows that to be true – he has first-hand experience in the matter.

At school, Ryūji can often be found watering the flowers, helping teachers out with the morning paper handouts, or cleaning up the classroom before homeroom begins. Ryūji acts like your typical model student… but happens to have a delinquent’s face. His sharp eyes make even his teachers afraid of him, and his peers spin wild tales about the type of lifestyle he has. As much as Ryūji would like to clean up all the misunderstandings, he has long resolved to just put up with it. Ryūji just wants to avoid trouble, including any meetings with that delinquent girl from the other class.

While Ryūji's always has the best intentions, he will soon learn that kindness can also hurt. The choices he makes might make his mother sad, tear apart a friendship, or cause the girl he likes to suffer – he will always end up involved in a new mess as he tries to help others out. But that will not be stopping him from taking action – when the feelings of his friends and loved ones are on the line, Ryūji will not think twice about putting himself at risk.

Just like an orange can be simultaneously sweet and sour, Takasu Ryūji is a man made up of two contradictory elements. He might look like a thug, but If you look past his appearance, Ryūji makes a reliable ally and a trustworthy friend.

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