Name: Saitama 「サイタマ」
Title Series:One-Punch Man
Voiced by:Furukawa Makoto

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

"If the heroes run and hide, who will stay and fight?"

Meet Saitama, the man who became a hero just for fun. Behind his overwhelmingly ordinary appearance, his overwhelmingly tacky outfit and overwhelmingly indifferent personality.. he possesses overwhelming strength and power that most other heroes could only dream of attaining. Regardless of origin, size or intelligence, no monster could stand up to Saitama's infamous one punch. He is the strongest man on earth.

However, with immeasurable power.. comes heavy costs.

Saitama no longer feels the thrill of battles like he once did; leaving him searching constantly for foes who would be able to match up to his strength to no avail. His passion towards being a hero has dulled, as did his emotions. With such overwhelming power, he is left bored with his life, forced to live through his existential crisis.

If that wasn't bad enough, he is ridiculed by the public and treated like a fool. His incomprehensible power leaves the impression that he is a cheat who only moves up the ranks of the Hero Association by riding on other heroes' coat tails. He is sent hate mail, harassed and insulted by not only the citizens he protects, but also fellow heroes. The flawed system of the city and the Hero Association works against him constantly.. and Saitama can only silently bear the humiliation of it all. The strongest hero on earth could stomp out villains as if they were insects; and yet suffers from the greatest injustice the world would ever see.

But with his overwhelming strength, comes overwhelming humility. When defeated heroes are being mocked, he would purposefully turn the masses against him for the sake of the other heroes being given credit for their efforts. He makes himself out to be a selfish, attention-seeking cheater in order to protect the dignity of others. And even if he is being forced into a corner, he would continuously protect those very people who are pushing him away.

He is a teacher to his disciple; a man who exhibits what it means to be a true hero. Humble, insightful, kind.. Saitama would continue to be the hero that nobody deserves; always protecting the people with his fist and his heart.

Saitama is truly the best hero for fun.

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