Name: Roy Mustang 「ロイ・マスタング」
Title Series:Fullmetal Alchemist
Voiced by:Miki Shinichirō

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Only one man can openly claim for certainty that he will become the next Head of the State: Roy Mustang.

A man full of pride, Roy wastes little time exposing his confidence to others. His smile means that he has his adversary right where we he wants him. His eyes show little hesitation in the choices that he makes. His heart is steady, rarely wavering as he set his sight towards his end goal.

While it appears he his hungry for power and status, the one thing he treasures most is his relationship with his fellow men and team. Roy is always there to give them a hand when needed and guide them in the brink of war to prevent as many casualties as he could. Roy is willing to stand in the front lines with his men, for all of them are soldiers to the country, regardless of rank, which is why so many people are loyal to him.

No matter what the challenge may be, Roy will be there to consult the matter at hand, for the fire in his eyes and heart shall spread to those who are caught in it.

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