Name: Otosaka Yū 「乙坂有宇」
Title Series:Charlotte
Voiced by:Uchiyama Kōki

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Otosaka Yū had it all. Intelligent, fashionable, and extremely lucky, it seems like everything was conveniently going his way. If it was not for one tiny setback, he could have succeeded in living his ideal life.

Stuck to work as a member of the student council to keep his hidden powers in check, Yū joined an academy of students who also possess these mysterious abilities. It was his job to find other people like him and bring them to the academy as a safety ground. Like many people, Yū wanted nothing to do with this academy and wanted to live his life his way. However, given the events that conspired prior to his acceptance, Yū had little choice in the matter.

It was in this academy that Yū was able to understand humility, responsibly, and understanding. Only after seeing how far other people have gone to keep their powers a secret did Yū realize that he was also acting as irrationally as they were. Only by interacting them did he understand the importance of keeping his powers in check when something goes wrong. Only when things start to tke a turn for the worse does he know the gravity of his duties and what must be done to maintain order, tranquility, and, most importantly, peace against those that have been laying eyes on them from the shadows.

With the turning of a new leaf, Yū prepares for the next mission that lies ahead of him...

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