Name: Ōma Shū 「桜満集」
Title Series:Guilty Crown
Voiced by:Kaji Yūki

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Legend has it that he who wields the Power of Kings is said to alter the course of history. That power accidentally fell into the hands of Oma Shu.

In a dystopian world full of deceit and paranoia, Shu finds solace in a quiet, worn down club room where is free to tinker on a variety of industrial projects as he pleases. An encounter with a famous idol will soon change his life, as he is sent on a wild loop of those who wish for freedom and rights in a country of wrongs. All would go well until Shu absorbed the power meant for rulers to wield.

Suddenly turning from a follower to a leader, Shu has a hard time gaining followers, much less expressing any sort of prominent aura. However, what Shu lacks in confidence, he makes up with spirit. Shu knows that this life can only go so far and that something needs to change. If he is the one person who can make that change come true, Shu would do whatever it takes to create his ideal world in hopes that no one has to go through the challenges he went through.

With his friends by his side, Shu asks for their support and guidance as he leads them to a world of peace.

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