Name: Okumura Rin 「奥村燐」
Title Series:Ao no Exorcist
Voiced by:Okamoto Nobuhiko

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

All Okumura Rin wanted was a normal life. He wanted to go to a normal school, pick fights with people who bark more than they bite, come back home with a verbal warning from his father, and end the day with a warm meal between him and his father and younger brother and a peaceful sleep. So, if Satan decides to enter his father’s body, inform Rin that he is his true father, and send Rin to Hell with him, that is not considered a normal day.

Against his will, Rin is tossed into the world of the supernatural where people are trained to fight against the minions of the demon’s realm in order to bring peace to society. This is not the kind of lifestyle Rin wanted, nor do others want him to be a part of. Hot-headed, overemotional, and more than willing to let his fists do the talking, Rin is continuously questioned whether or not he truly is the son of the man whom the people are fighting against. Maybe there truly is no peaceful home for him to return to.

So, Rin decides to play the game. If he is going to make society accept him and prove them wrong, he will play by their rules. He will go to school, even if it meant crossing blades against demons and possibly his theoretical father. He will take on his missions and return with his job thoroughly done. He will protect the city that once shunned him if demons start to invade the realm. He will do so not because he wants to, but because he chose to.

All who stand in his way should prepare himself or herself. If you cross Rin’s path, there will be hell to pay.

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