Name: Okazaki Tomoya 「岡崎 朋也」
Title Series:CLANNAD
Voiced by:Nakamura Yūichi

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

"I hate this town. It’s too full of memories I’d rather forget. I go to school every day, hang out with my friends, and return to a home that I'd rather not go back to. I wonder if anything will ever change? Will that day ever come?"

Growing up without a mother, and left only with a father he abhors, Okazaki Tomoya gave up on living a responsible life. More interested in looking at what is happening outside the window than paying attention to class, Tomoya is never in a rush to get anything done. For him, the return back home is the worst part of his daily routine.

However, a fateful encounter with an eccentric girl opens up a road that Tomoya never thought available to him. Now a member of a newly founded school club, Tomoya finds himself enjoying the everyday banter with the girl and the other club members. It is the first time Tomoya realizes that there might be much more to his town than he thought. In a place that he believed could offer him nothing, Tomoya begins to find joy, peace, and, most importantly, love.

But all good things must come to an end, and Tomoya is aware of this. Just how long will this time of comfort last before he is reminded of his cruel situation? Is it possible for this moment of peace to last for as long as he wants it to? Does he have it in him to take the next step into a world where wishes come true?

This is the story of a boy who learns patience and humility. This is the story of a boy who starts to understand responsibility and forgiveness. Most importantly, this is the story of a boy who becomes an adult.

And so it begins... A long, long upward climb...

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