Name: Okabe Rintarō 「岡部 倫太郁」
Title Series:Steins;Gate
Voiced by:Miyano Mamoru

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

He believes that lab coats are the epitome of ecstasy, claims that Dr. Pepper is a drink meant solely for the intelligent, and considers himself a mad scientist. Only one man fits this description: Hōōin Kyōma!...although the majority of his acquaintances prefer to call him by his real name, Okabe Rintarō, much to his chagrin.

Like all self-proclaimed mad scientists, Rintarō spends most of his time carrying out what Is commonly seen as absurd experiments. Unlike most mad scientists, Rintarō has a bigger goal in mind: to save the world from an evil organization that he claims will one day terrorize the world. He makes daily calls to his associates informing them of the terrible things that the organization has done and formulating the necessary countermeasures...but everyone knows it is all in his head and that he is probably doing it to get out of trouble.

But when the improbable claims he makes slowly turn into reality, Rintarō has to reconsider his whimsical nature. Could the things he has been doing actually change the world around him? What if some of his choices are impossible to revert? Rintarō does not wish to deny the desires of his friends, but when so much around him has been altered, could he still let his selfishness get the best of him?

With his friends by his side, Rintarō is reminded that he need not shoulder this burden all on his own. Rintarō gambles on the power of his bonds, hoping to create a world free of suffering. After all, it is just one more experiment. What could possibly go wrong?

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