Name: Natsume Kyōsuke 「棗恭介」
Title Series:Little Busters!
Voiced by:Midorikawa Hikaru

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

His presence can only mean one thing: something fun is about to happen.

Even among his friends and acquaintances, Natsume Kyōsuke is described as an enigma. One never knows what could be churning in his mind whenever something piques his interest. The result usually ends up in a series of contests and missions simply to end normal conflicts such as what to get for lunch or who could hang out with a certain person for the day. The collateral damage may be everyone participating in the event and becoming absorbed in Kyōsuke’s world, but to Kyōsuke, the more people are involved, the merrier everyone will be.

Although he mainly ends conversations with puzzles and challenges, he gave himself the greatest mission of them all: to nurture someone to take his place once he is not there to guide them. He will have that person be involved in various situations he may not be able to mentally withstand, but Kyōsuke would continue to have him go through it, for there are certain mysteries in this world that he cannot solve until all of the pieces fall into place.

Appearing out of nowhere, he rallies his comrades for their next activity. It’s time for their next mission to start!

Past Notable Matches