Name: Nase Mitsuki 「名瀨美月」
Title Series:Kyōkai no Kanata
Voiced by:Chihara Minori

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

It is hard to stand out from a powerful family of demon hunters when your older sister happens to be one of the best there is in the business. Many expect her to follow her footsteps and become a great demon hunter herself, but Nase Mitsuki wanted to take matters into her own hands. Whether it be with or without his older brother or sister, Mitsuki plans to make herself stand out through her own means.

While acting as the youngest child may mean respecting ones superiors, Mitsuki wishes to break tradition. For too long have the actions and decisions of the high commanders become old and far-fetched. She has seen, with her own eyes, that there is a way for demons and humans to co-exist. Yes, there are demons out to kill, but there are just as many demons that are kind, playful, and sometimes a bit too imaginative. This path is possible, and Mitsuki wishes to see it bear fruit.

In order to change these forgone conventions, Mitsuki needs to show them that she can hold her own and stand out among the crowd of demon tamers. With her friends and familiar by her side, Mitsuki is more than ready for any challenge thrown against her.

Past Notable Matches