Name: Miyamizu Mitsuha
Title Series:Kimi no Na Wa
Voiced by:

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Mitsuha is your classic high school girl, living in a small town with her grandmother and little sister. She is kind and caring around her friends and can also be adventurous when the circumstances require it, taking crazy actions to achieve her goal. Recently, her duty as the family's shrine maiden, as well as some other personal problems, burdens her and makes her life a bit more complicated. That is why she strongly wishes to leave the countryside to live in the big city: Tokyo.

And she does. In a sense. Only, she does not physically move to Tokyo, but instead, switches bodies with a boy from Tokyo! The friends of the boy do not understand why he looks and sounds feminine so suddenly. Mitsuha soon understands that she can make the most of this weird situation and live the Tokyo life she dreamed of. In this body, she lives every moment to the fullest, not hesitating to take an extra cake for dessert, even if she has to go through the hassle of working the boy's part-time job instead of lazing around like she does in her village.

Temporarily escaping to the city does not make Mitsuha's problems disappear though, and she will soon have to face them. But would it not be interesting if she could meet the boy she switched bodies with first?

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