Name: Maō Sadao 「真奥 貞夫」
Title Series:Hataraku Maō-sama!
Voiced by:Ōsaka Ryōta

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé
2013: Animefans Saigar Tournament - Round of 48
2013: The Great Awwnime Bracket - Boys Bracket - Round of 16
2015: Best Guy Contest - Round of 256
2016: Best Guy Contest - Round of 128

He is considered the most dangerous demon king in existence... except he now occupies the body of a high school boy without any magical powers.

At the apex of a gruesome battle between the Hero and the demonic forces, the demon king had no choice but to retreat to another universe in hopes of restoring his power and returning to have his revenge. But this new world has not only transformed his body considerably to fit the structure of the planet, but it also has no concept of magic, which means that going back to his original world... is nearly impossible.

But never fear! There is more than one way to conquer the world. In an attempt not to act as a deer-in-headlights foreigner, the demon king assumes the name Maō Sadao, a name befitting for a man of his stature. As Sadao, he works as a cashier/service waiter at a fast food joint. Understanding the technology of Earth and earning the trust of his employer, staff, and customers are just some of the steps one must take to become a dominant figure. Soon, he will go from a part-time worker to general manager of the restaurant chain, and all will have no choice but to come to him if they hunger. A genius strategy fit for a demon of his caliber!

As the days pass, Sadao finds himself spending more time enjoying life on this peaceful Earth and less figuring out how to get back home. And when the city he lives in comes under attack from some of his kind, Sadao not only chooses to use his powers to help save everyone, but also goes on to fix the collateral damage. And while the people who know him are confused about how to take this supposed change of heart, Sadao does not mind. He likes himself this way.

Going back to his original world can wait. Right now, there are more important things he needs to do here on Earth.

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