Name: Kazehaya Kamito
Title Series:Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance
Voiced by:

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé

Who would have thought that the greatest blade master in the world, a title held specifically for women for centuries, fell in the hands of a man?

It is not too hard to understand why Kazehaya Kamito was initially rejected by the entire student body, whose goal was to be a blade master. No one wanted him in her ranks, and many would hardly believe that he was the very image everyone admires. Kamito may be skilled with his blade and made contracts openly for many to see, yet the girls refuse to believe he has what it takes. Kamito knows this and decides of play it safe by not mingling with them, but when a select few want to know a little more about this particular transfer student, his secret may come to pass.

But Kamito did not enter the academy to boast about his accomplishments. There seems to be something foul brewing in the shadows of the school, and it was his job to rectify it. A mistake that he made in the past may be the root of all these mysterious circumstances, and it was his duty to clean up his and his partner's mess. His will cannot be broken, and justice will be served, even if it meant pointing his blade against the dearest of his companions.

Until his mission is complete and remain secretive, Kamito may have to deal with the short end of the stick for a number of weeks. With love, confusion, and miscommunication present in his daily life, it is up to Kamito to make sure everything ends peacefully. A woman's heart may be more difficult than any battle that Kamito has fought thus far.

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