Name: Genos
Title Series:One Punch Man
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Career ISML Performance

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What does it mean to be a true hero?

Perhaps it is having the destructive power of a meteor crashing into Earth. Perhaps it is to be able to defeat any villain that comes your way. In his quest to seek vengeance upon the rogue cyborg that murdered his family, Genos would come to learn what truly makes an honorable hero.

Ruthless, destructive, and violent, Genos started off as a vigilante who killed without remorse. Monsters and villains alike all deserve only death, and Genos never once looked back to consider the innocent casualties his massive firepower would have caused. He only wants ultimate strength, to become strong enough so that, one day, he can seek out the one who stole his loved ones away. If it meant becoming the strongest, it did not matter what he had to do. Turning his entire body into parts made for fighting and searching the ends of the earth to the secret of true strength, Genos could not be stopped.

After meeting the strongest man on earth, however, Genos would begin to realize that unlimited strength does not make a hero. You could genetically engineer your entire body, you could train for your entire life... but the secret to becoming a hero never laid in physical power.

It came from the heart.

To be a compassionate man, to be able to save others without asking for anything in return, to be true to yourself. That is what it means to be a true hero.

As the demon cyborg continues to learn from his master, one thing is for certain; he may never truly attain the level of raw power his master has. But through becoming a good person, Genos would finally become all that he has hoped to be.

A true hero.

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