Name: Emiya Shirō 「衛宮 士郎」
Title Series:Fate Series
Voiced by:Sugiyama Noriaki

Career ISML Performance
2015: 22nd Place Male League: (15-0-20)
2016: Round of 32

Moe Tournament Résumé
2011: Korean Best Moe - Male Tournament - Round of 96
2015: Animefans Saigar Tournament - Round of 32
2015: Best Guy Contest - Round of 64
2015: Bilibili Moe - Male Tournament - Round of 32
2016: Best Guy Contest - Round of 64

Based on his appearance, he might look like your ordinary high school student. But every single person who knows him well realizes that the boy called Emiya Shirō is an amazing person.

Few men in our world are able to do the daily house chores quite as perfectly as Shirō: cooking, cleaning, preparing the bath, and much more. From the female's perspective, Shirō may well be the ideal boyfriend (or maybe a husband) candidate. With his skills and kindness, it can be difficult to oppose his charm.

Shirō never turns down a request from people who need his help. With all of his kindness, it is no wonder that his dream is to become a hero of justice. This dream is the essence of his deepest desire and the fruit of his life experiences since childhood. It is a dream that he will fight to realize with all of his might.

His journey to make that dream come true is still far from over. There are still many things he needs to learn, many things he needs to experience, and a lot of pain he needs to go through to trace a solid image of his future.

Past Notable Matches

Animefans Saigar Tournament 2012: (Round of 32)
Round of 32: 844-1264 to Uchiha Sasuke (Naruto)

Best Guy Contest 2015: (Round of 64)
Round of 64: 2206-3429 to Kyon (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu)