Name: Edna
Title Series:Tales of Zestiria the X
Voiced by:Fukuen Misato

Career ISML Performance
First year of participation

Moe Tournament Résumé

The Seraphim are spiritual beings able to use elemental magic, who can only be seen by a few special humans. For this reason, several people think they are extinct or legendary creatures, even when they are inhabiting the same city.

Edna is an Earth Seraph. Her powers allow her to create rocks, walls, and strong gravitational fields. Despite her small frame and ability suited for distanced combat, Edna, at the risk of ruining her cute outfit, prefers to fight at close range, sending rock punches and fighting with her unbreakable umbrella. For sure, she is not a girl you want to anger!

Edna doesn't like humans and is glad most of them can't see her. If it weren't for them, her brother would probably still be by her side, the same as always. So it was hard to trust them. Knowing this, her motivation for joining the Shepherd—the hero who is supposed to get rid of all the malevolence in the world—are unclear, but his kind words and promise to save her brother certainly helped. After all, her brother is her only family and she would do anything to save him. If that meant aiding a human, so be it.

Generally a woman of few words, Edna becomes very talkative when teasing her companions. The stronger one reacts to her mean remarks, the more she wants to have fun with them. She also enjoys word games. But the rest of the time, she is very distant and blasé. Who could hope to understand what is really going though that clever head of hers?

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