Name: Ai-chan
Title Series:Getsuyōbi no Tawawa
Voiced by:Harada Sayaka

Career ISML Performance
First year of participation

Moe Tournament Résumé

To many, AI-chan represents the ideal visual of many men’s desires – a cute face, well-endowed body, and young. However, to Ai, those are the features that she least likes about herself.

Ai has a keen eye on people who are only really interested in her looks and not of her personality. As such, Ai is uninterested in such impractical people and would rather stay away from them as much as possible. Ai has done everything she can to make herself look different; however, all her hormones seems to expand on her most conscious areas instead of elongating her and balancing her figure. With more good luck charms created by the day, Ai may want to consider giving in and buying a new size.

Outside of her appearance, Ai’s kindness is second to none, and one is reminded once again that she is a high school girl who wishes to enjoy her day to the fullest. She will be conscious of her appearance during her physical exams, try to enjoy the marathon while wishing for head start, and enjoy her time as a waitress in her part-time job. One can only experience high school life once, and Ai will try to milk out every experience as much as possible.

If there is one thing Ai does not know how to break, it is her spirit. No matter what happens, Ai will start the day with a smile. No wonder guys and girls cannot take their eyes off her.

Past Notable Matches