Name: Adlet Mayer
Title Series:Rokka no Yūsha
Voiced by:

Career ISML Performance

Moe Tournament Résumé
2016: Best Guy Contest - Round of 128

"I’m the strongest man alive," so he claims.

Adlet Mayer may not possess the greatest physical strength, nor be the most capable user of the magic arts, but he does have his quick wits and craftiness to help him in battle, and those traits are enough to get him recognized as a hero, an honour given only to the world’s best six.

Adlet does not specialize in any specific weapon. The secret to his strength is his utilization of a variety of weapons, which he keeps hidden from sight. From smoke bombs to poison darts to even a machete, Adlet is an adventurer full of unpredictability, using his opponents' lack of information to keep them on their toes, unable to guess what will come next.

But Adlet is not just about fighting. He is a man of passion and dedication. Once he starts something, he will see it to the very end, no matter the odds, be it to prove something wrong or to chase after romance. One would not expect such a quality from such a man, but, as they all say, one should never judge a person by one's looks.

So, when a certain redhead claims that he is indeed the strongest man alive, you should take caution, for you could be facing this very man, Adlet Mayer, with all his traps and weapons at the ready to strike you down.

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